sobota, 29 grudnia 2012

Seleukos I Nikator - bust in 1/9 scale

Here You can see my first bust, that I've painted in my life :D It's Seleukos I Nikator in 1/9 scale sculpted by Maciej Pomianowski. I don't want to write any more... just check it out, leave a comment with a constructive criticism and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!

 Tomasz 'RatCatcher' Cyrek

środa, 12 grudnia 2012

"Ha, ha, I have a staff with too many things !"

Hello everybody !
 Time to my VALLEJO workshops is melting and now, I realy feel the presure of this event. Arrangements for this saturday.... things are happening...
But now I want to share with You with my newest model that I've done - Malagor, The Dark Oment from Beastmen army, from Warhammer Fantasy Battle in 28mm scale.
I think that this "beast" is really nice, details of this model are just awesome. 
For this guy I've used ONLY Vallejo products (yeah, Vallejo promotion, it have relationship with my Vallejo workshops), such as : pigments, Grey Pumice and Oxido Paste, Still Water and tones of Vallejo paints from Model, Game and Air range.
So, I hope You like this mini. Feel free to share it with Your friends. And please leave a comment !

And REMEMBER, 15th December, Poland, Toruń, Centrum Gier Feniks, my VALLEJO workshops started at 11.00 .

 Tomasz Cyrek