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My newest WIP. Soviet Mountain Infantry in 1:35 scale.

Привет. (Hello) !
 Some time ago I've been thinking about painting miniatures in larger scale. I just love most of these sculptures in 75mm or 1:35 scale. They're AWESOME ! 
 Few days ago I visited my local shop, where You can buy some models in these scales. I bought there ZVEZDA Soviet Mountain Infantry in 1:35. 
 "Mountain Infantry units of the Soviet Army took part in most battles of the South sectors of the Eastern Front of World War II. They contributed significantly to the liberation of the Caucasus and the Crimea." 
 So, here You have photos of my WIP Soviet. These models are fantastic :) I want to paint MORE !!!!


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  1. Totally awesome! I must say i like your bigger scale much better. Finish him now plz ^^

  2. He's looking good! I see you eventually managed to find a shop that has them locally - looking forward to more!

  3. Really great paintings. I really like you paintjob on this Soviet Infantry and the previous Slanesh Daemon Prince.

    I just started to follow your blog privately. And I am someone who also likes to collect/make and do modern military model kits and wargaming miniatures. So if you like this, you would probably like to check out my blog and follow it too.

    I also do paint warhammer stuff and collect other collectibles. Do check it out if you at

    Thanks (:

    Once again, Really great works!

  4. Hi!!
    Your little soldiers are Great Jobs!!
    Paulo Monteiro