środa, 28 listopada 2012

Vallejo workshops and my first mini painted in oil paints.

Hello !!!!    Today I have AWESOME news ! 15th of December is a really important day because at this day will be Vallejo workshop organise by me ! I'll show there some techniques using Vallejo products.

 Also I want to show You again soviet, but this time I've painted him in oil paints. What do You think about this "little soldier" ? :)

 Tomasz 'RatCatcher' Cyrek

piątek, 9 listopada 2012

Zvezda Soviet Mountain Infantry - first model is already done.

Hi !
 In this post I want to display my newest job - one of the models from ZVEZDA Soviet Mountain infantry box in 1:35 scale :)
From this kit You get 6 different models of soviets and what can I say.... these models are just BRILLIANT !
So, I painted this little friend in historic colour scheme.
The most difficult part, was, when I was thinking about base. I had too many ideas.
Finally I add some water (Vallejo Still Water), some grass tufts (Army Painter Winter Tufts) and of course rocks and sand. I used many pigments to paint this base (mainly Vallejo pigments). This base is one of my favourites :)
I hope You like this mini.
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niedziela, 4 listopada 2012

My newest WIP. Soviet Mountain Infantry in 1:35 scale.

Привет. (Hello) !
 Some time ago I've been thinking about painting miniatures in larger scale. I just love most of these sculptures in 75mm or 1:35 scale. They're AWESOME ! 
 Few days ago I visited my local shop, where You can buy some models in these scales. I bought there ZVEZDA Soviet Mountain Infantry in 1:35. 
 "Mountain Infantry units of the Soviet Army took part in most battles of the South sectors of the Eastern Front of World War II. They contributed significantly to the liberation of the Caucasus and the Crimea." 
 So, here You have photos of my WIP Soviet. These models are fantastic :) I want to paint MORE !!!!