niedziela, 30 września 2012

My Ladies are finished !

Hello everybody !
I've just finished  my first unit, for my second Warhammer40k army - Chaos Daemons of Slaanesh \m/ Yeeaaahh, these ladies are AWESOME !
I was thinking about the colour scheme : "Should I paint them normal or something new, maybe better ?" But then I realise, that this colour scheme is simply THE BEST ! It shows the real "demonic" look of these girls.
Do You like them ? They're sexy. Aren't they ? ? :D
In future I'll tell You how to make lava bases like these.


sobota, 22 września 2012

Eldar Harlequin Falcon

Hi !
 new day, new post ;) Today I'll show You my newest finished model, Eldar Harlequin Falcon, which will be part of my Eldar Harlequin army.

Face is sculpted by Brovatar, thanks again.
My next commission will be Eldar HQ model/models so stay tuned :)


piątek, 21 września 2012

Hello everybody :)

 good morning and good evening :) Today I started with my brand-new, awesome blog ! This'll be the blog where I'll upload fresh photos of my painted miniatures. I'll give You some tips and ideas how to paint all kind of miniatures and some tutorials about great, awesome techniques. Maybe You can expect "UNBOXING" articles and videos too ;)
As You know, I'm RatCatcherPL and my biggest hobby (except music) is wargaming and painting miniatures (conversions etc. too).
If You have some questions to me, please, write to me or ask in comments.
BTW, if You like my paint style and my finished minis, You can also give me a job, miniature to paint.
So, I hope You'll like my blog.