piątek, 9 listopada 2012

Zvezda Soviet Mountain Infantry - first model is already done.

Hi !
 In this post I want to display my newest job - one of the models from ZVEZDA Soviet Mountain infantry box in 1:35 scale :)
From this kit You get 6 different models of soviets and what can I say.... these models are just BRILLIANT !
So, I painted this little friend in historic colour scheme.
The most difficult part, was, when I was thinking about base. I had too many ideas.
Finally I add some water (Vallejo Still Water), some grass tufts (Army Painter Winter Tufts) and of course rocks and sand. I used many pigments to paint this base (mainly Vallejo pigments). This base is one of my favourites :)
I hope You like this mini.
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3 komentarze:

  1. Nice. Very nice. You're IMHO a best painter in all world!!!

  2. I'm not :) but thanks :)


  3. Great! I like the contrast with the grenades and uniform, also the grass on the base. Hmmm, now that I think about it, he looks very clean... Maybe some weathering and stains would add realism? At least on boots and lower legs.